As an insurance adjuster I’ve always wished I could get a birds eye view of damages including tall, steep roofs, and more recently a corn field that was damaged by our insured’s cows.  The photos and video of the entire corn field proved to be excellent in showing the amount of damage incurred.  The claimant and I walked around in this field, but weren’t able to view the full extent, or in this case lack of damage, to the standing corn.  The cost to hire this drone service turned out to be a huge return on investment, and I’ll be sure to utilize it again in the future.

Regarding tall, steep roofs, like churches, this drone service can provide better photos of the roof damage than we could ever get from a ladder, and there is no danger of falling if we tried to climb it, even with a rope and harness.  The cost of the drone service is well below the cost of renting a scissor lift, and the access to the roof is literally unlimited with the drone.

Myself and my company will continue to utilize this service as it will save us money and provide us a better work product than we had been able to provide in the past.

Joe Maul, West Nebraska Claims Service